KENCHELL stands for Kenneth and Cheryl Abrahams, partners
 who started the business out of faith. Both has a strong
relationship with God and always an inspiration to their workers. Ken’s passion to always satisfy  and make a customer happy sometimes create life long customers. With a great attitude and customer focus, always committed to quality workmanship. Making Kenchell’s strength  his people, as they make it happen!

 Our formula for greatness starts with the belief that everything
 we do is about putting a “smile”on people’s faces, providing our
 customers a service based on QUALITY & SPEED at Comeback
 Prices, combined with customer- focused teams who deliver
 service second to none.                   
r e a d  m o r e  a b o u t  u s...

Looking forward to giving you quality service.

Client Testimonials

" Thank you for the great service
   and free additional work done, I will
   surely recommend your services"

                    Mohamed Jaffer